The Kubicki backplate is one way to help date your bass.


1) a handful of early ones had no writing.

2) very early ones then had black lettering on black annodized aluminum.


3) next came ones similar to the one pictured in the photo with "all patents applied for."

4) the latter ones then changed "all patents applied for" to the actual patent numbers.



*Both ExFactor models (32" scale with drop D extender on 36" E string) and Factor models (34" with no drop D tuner) were included in the same series of serial numbers. Factor models were made approximately one-in-every 25...fretless Kubicki Factors and ExFactors are even rarer.

As of July 1, 2001 Kubicki is at serial #3680.

* KeyFactor 4 and KeyFactor 5 models began in 1995 and each have their own serial number series. As of July 1, 2001 there are only around 200 total in existance.



FENDER KUBICKI models generally had five-position tone selectors (although some early ones HAD real Kubicki six-position electronics that were left over from before the takeover) and the circuit boards were different. The bodies were made in Japan and indistinguishable from real Kubicki ones. The bridge assemblies came from a supplier other than Kubicki's and can generally be spotted by less pristine finishing and rougher edges than actual Kubickis. The string action is also usually higher.

**Note: Kubicki does offer an upgrade retrofit of it's own electronics/circuitboard and does a "swap" for around $250...so, there are later Fender Kubickis around with the "real" Kubicki six-position tone selector. So, the true way to tell which Kubicki you have is by the serial number on the neck.


1) The first production bass released in 1985 had a serial number of #024 and belonged to John Taylor of Duran Duran.

2) The LAST serial numbered original Kubicki PRE-Fender was #1286 dated 02 89 (so the first Fender was #1287.)

3) The LAST Fender Kubicki serial number is UNKNOWN but Kubicki began remanufacturing the basses POST-Fender in mid-1991 at serial number #3051 after Fender's licensing agreement ended.



SN#000-1285 is a REAL Pre-Fender Kubicki Factor or Ex Factor


SN#1286-3050 is a FENDER Kubicki


SN#3051-present is a REAL Post-Fender Kubicki Factor or Ex Factor


(If you do the math, it took Fender only two years to mass-produce approximately 2,000 Kubicki Basses...it took Phil Kubicki 15 YEARS to build around the same number by hand!)


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